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Here, at Promodag, our best advertisement is our satisfied customers. This is what they think of Promodag Report.

That worked perfectly. With this kind of accurate and speedy service, don't be surprised if I keep emailing for support.

From USA, SJ

I would also like to comment on the excellent technical support that I have received from you. I was concerned when we initially purchased this software because of the geographic differences. That has however proven not to be a problem at all and I greatly appreciate it.

From USA, LM

The most positive technical support experiences I have had have been in dealing with your company, and they have been few and far between thanks to the quality of your products. Your quick responses and complete knowledge of your product have saved me several times. Maybe if other companies could grasp this concept, I wouldn’t be stuck on hold for hours at a time with their support lines.

From USA, TO

Again I'm very happy with the support you gave me. Luckily, we don't need support that often, because it's a good product; but when support is needed, the problem is always solved quickly and well.

From Netherlands, RP

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