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Office 365 reports

This page lists blog articles related to Office 365 reporting with Promodag Reports.

Full compatibility with Modern authentication

Full support of modern authentication in Office 365 is one of the major new features of version 12. This post describes the ins and outs of this development.

What’s new in Version 12.0

We are pleased to inform you of the release of version 12 of Promodag Reports. This new version of our reporting tool on Exchange and Exchange Online is fully compatible with the modern authentication mechanisms currently implemented in Office 365. It uses the latest PowerShell commands and improves the public folder import process. It also contains important usability improvements.

Why Promodag beats hand down natives Microsoft Office 365 reports

This article reviews the benefits of using Promodag Reports compared to the native reports provided by Office 365 through a few usage examples: detecting unused resources, tracking messages by subject, measuring Exchange Online adoption and calculating email response time.

How to detect mailboxes with a high activity level

The maximum delivery threshold will soon be set to 3,600 messages per hour in Office 365; any emails sent to a mailbox exceeding this limit will receive a non-delivery report. This post describes how to detect mailboxes whose level of activity could lead to this situation.

How to trigger the sending of conditional reports

It is possible to generate reports based on specific conditions, such as the presence of certain items in mailboxes or the number of correspondents to whom a message has been sent. This article tells you how to do it.

Right to disconnect and telecommuting

Teleworking, which became widespread in many companies during the development of the health crisis linked to the spread of Covid19 , does not always go well with the right to disconnection. This post describes some of the specific reports that Promodag has dedicated to the analysis of messaging activity outside working hours.

Organize automated tasks

This post explains how to organize the automation of tasks in Promodag Reports in order to optimize their execution and follow-up.

The EXO V2 module: A major step forward in Office 365 data imports

We have started to implement the new PowerShell Exchange Online cmdlets provided by the EXO V2 PowerShell module. These commands are used to retrieve data in bulk from Office 365.

Email Reporting in the Telework Era

The coronavirus crisis is currently posing global challenges to businesses. Promodag reports can help you measure the impact of Covid1-9 on your company's productivity through reports on email activity.

Audit your public folders

This article describes some of the reports that can be produced with Promodag Reports if you need to list your public folders and measure their usage before migrating them to a more recent version of Exchange or Office 365, or archiving their content to another data repository.

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