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Export all the attributes of a recipient

The import of Exchange recipient directory attributes is one of the distinctive features of Promodag Reports in the small world of Microsoft Exchange reporting. This fundamental operation is carried out as soon as a new database is created. It allows not only to identify Exchange mail-enabled objects in the directory, but also to import all their attributes in order to display them in the reports.

Space limitations

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to display as many attributes as one would like. Indeed, each report is designed so that the information fits in a printable page. The ability to select an optional attribute exists in many reports and grouping of report data by attribute is usually possible on 1 or even 3 levels. It was also possible to export all or part of the recipient attributes into a database table with a specially designed report. The results obtained could then be linked to any traffic report through an SQL query using the Id_Recipient field. However, we needed to improve the CSV and SQL export of report data and avoid users having to cross-reference multiple exports.

Extension of the attributes export functionality

Version 12 therefore contains a new feature for exporting some of or all the attributes of a recipient. The principle of operation is very simple: you just have to select a CSV or Database output in the report options, choose the Choose fields link, then check all the attributes of your choice in the list.

Use example

A customer recently asked us how to extract a list of their shared mailboxes with their name, email address, creation date and the number of messages they had received in the previous month, in four columns.

The Mailbox by Traffic Level report retrieves half of this information, but it contains data we don’t need. Moreover, neither the creation date nor the email address are displayed:

Mailbox by Traffic Level screen output

Simply export it in CSV format by choosing the four fields you want:

Select as many additional fields as necessary

The resulting file conforms to the request:

Custom CSV export

Upgrade to version 12 or try it for free

For customers with a valid maintenance contract, please download the installation package and use the license file specific to version 11. If you are a new user, install this package and enjoy it for free for 45 days. We welcome your comments, so please feel free to contact us or submit a support request.


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