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Track email sent to a particular SMTP domain

A frequently asked question is how to display all emails sent to one ore more specific SMTP domains, for example non-business related domains such as gmail, yahoo or hotmail. Most of the time, the sender's name and the email addresses of recipients are requested.

This can be easily achieved using Promodag Reports for Exchange Server, also if you use Office 365.
You can use the General Mailbox Traffic report template, that you will find on the Templates > Mailbox Traffic menu, to address this question by applying the following settings:

  • Period tab: Select a period for your report.
  • Selection tab: All organization mailboxes.
  • Group tab: Level 1 : No grouping.
  • Correspondents tab: Select the Some types radio button, and filter, and any of the yahoo domains as shown on the screenshot below:


  • Content tab: Detail level: select the Mailbox, and Correspondents' domain check boxes; under Messages, select the Sent box.
  • Output tab: Your own choice (Screen, Printer, Disk file, Email recipient, Exchange folder, Sharepoint).

The resulting report is should look like this:


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