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Update of our licensing policy to accomodate Office 365 mailboxes

We have had to update our licensing policy with the release of Promodag Reports version 10 and the support of Office 365.

Our previous policy was based on the number of on-premises servers whatever mailbox where hosted on them. With Office 365, this licensing schema is no longer applicable and we had to add a per-mailbox scheme. But since the product has the ability to work on-premises as well as 365 environments, we retained the two licensing method: per server for on-premises organizations, and per mailbox for Office 365.

We also had to define an upgrade policy to migrate the licenses of those of our customers who are migrating to the Cloud from a per-server licensing schema to a per-mailbox one. This policy consists in converting the number of mailboxes hosted on their licensed server(s) into an identical number of mailboxes hosted on Office 365. For example, if you were licensed for 2 servers hosting 1,000 mailboxes in total, then we will convert your 2-server license into a license for 1,000 mailboxes in Office 365.

This also means that if your organization included 10 servers with 10,000 mailboxes in total but only 1 licensed server with 1,000 mailboxes, then we won’t upgrade all 10,000 mailboxes to the new schema, but only the 1,000 that are hosted on the licensed server.

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