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A simpler Wizard for Office 365 users in version 10.3

The Configuration Wizard has been improved and simplified in Promodag Reports for Exchange Server version 10.3. This should prove beneficial to all our user community and particularly for those with a full Office 365 configuration.

Choosing the type of organization when creating the database

The Wizard requests the organization type - On-Premises, Office 365 or Hybrid - each time a database is created. This allows to hide the steps regarding the On-Prem and Hybrid environments thus making the Wizard simpler.

Fewer and simpler steps

The number of steps has been reduced and they have been simplified, which makes the configuration extremely simple.

Step 1: enter an Office 365 admin account

Step 2: choose the type of reports to generate

Choose the reports to generate in this step:

  • Traffic reports, to analyze your email traffic by user with a detail level down to the Subject line of messages
  • Mailbox size to gather information about mailbox occupation
  • Public folder size if your organization includes some

That was it

The gathering of the information required to import data from Office 365 is now completed and you just need to click Finish to start that process.

A new Office 365 QuickStart Guide

In addition to simplifying the Wizard, we have also created a new Quickstart Guide for Office 365 users. It is shorter and contains only the instructions necessary for Office 365.

Download it here in:

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