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How to track emails sent to specific SMTP domains

A frequently asked question is how to display all emails sent to one or more specific SMTP domains, for example non-business related domains such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. Most of the time, the sender's name and the email addresses of recipients are requested.

This can be easily achieved using Promodag Reports, both for on-premise and Office 365 environments. 
You can use the General Mailbox Traffic report, in the Templates > Mailbox Traffic menu, to address this question.

You will select your reporting period, then all mailboxes in your organization, and you will filter the SMTP domains as shown on the screenshot below:

Track emails sent to non-business related SMTP domains

Then, you will set the detail level of the report to display only the SMTP domain of the correspondents, and the sent messages.

The screen output of the report obtained will be similar to this one:

Non-business related email traffic report

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