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Run Office 365 mailbox content search and respond to eDiscovery requests

We have been frequently asked if and when reports on mailbox content would also be available for Hybrid and full Office 365 organizations. Great news: Promodag Reports version 11 also supports Exchange Online and lets you dynamically scan mailboxes in Exchange Online to respond to eDiscovery requests and retrieve, for example, the list of the Outlook items they contain based on specific criteria.

What we have changed

An Outlook profile is no longer required for On-Premise versions of Exchange newer than 2010. What is simply needed is the email address of account hosted on Exchange 2013/2016. This account must have been granted impersonation rights.

Set an account with impersonation rights to scan the content of Office 365 mailboxe

Now you can also run reports on mail response time, item breakdown by age or by size, permissions on mailboxes and their folders and message attachments for mailboxes hosted in your Office 365 tenant.

Office 365 message attachments report

You can also calculate the occupancy rate of Room Mailboxes in Exchange Online.

Office 365 Meeting Room Occupancy Rate Report

Finally, you have the possibility to search for Outlook items whose body or subject line contain specific character strings, which may prove particularly useful if you plan to make your company GPDR-ready.

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