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How to measure email response times

Another FAQ is how to get an email response report to check whether Customer Care or Sales agents actually meet the corporate Service Level Agreement of n % timeliness: in other words, are all received emails answered within the agreed time limit, or does it take too long? 

Get the average response time to emails

You can easily obtain this information with our Message Response Times report, in the Mailbox Content category. Just select the agent mailboxes, set the detail level to Mailbox and click OK.

The report shows, for each mailbox, the email response rate and response time:

  • Number/percentage of items without any action,
  • Number/percentage of items marked as Reply or Reply to all,
  • Number/percentage of items marked as Forward,
  • Number/percentage of items not marked as Read,

along with the average time to answer/forward the message. 

Overview of Email Response Times

Get the response time per message

The report can also drill down to the message level; simply set the detail level to Item. Each message is listed individually with its Delivery timestamp and Subject line along with the last action performed on it (Forward, Reply, Reply to all) and the delay between message delivery and last action.

Detail of Email Response Times

Produce a graphic summary of email response time

To get a graphic overview of the main actions performed on messages, run the Message Breakdown by Response Time report, also in the Mailbox Content category The graph breaks down response times per action (Forward, Reply, Reply to all).

Email Response Times Graphical Report

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