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Version 10.3 comes with usability improvements and rewritten reports

For the third release of Promodag Reports for Exchange Server version 10 we have focused our energy on improving user experience and reporting performance. This post describes our work on reports, the interface of the product, and the import process. We also took this opportunity to fix some bugs.

Report improvements

  • The Distribution Group Usage report has been rewritten to take into account messages sent by external recipients to a group. See the following blog post on reports improvements.
  • Database Size Information replaces the Database Size Comparison report and takes the white space into account. This change is described in the same blog post on reports improvements.
  • Storage reports have been optimized to run faster.
  • The Find Specific Messages report runs way faster than before.
  • Introduced ability to display 6-digit numbers in the Inter-Group Traffic report.
  • CSV exports have been enhanced to handle large amounts of data without incurring out of memory errors.
  • The Message Breakdown by Recipient Count and Message Breakdown by Day of the Week reports now offer the option of choosing a pie chart as a graph.

Interface improvements

  • The management of operational reports has been completely revised in both interactive and batch mode and it is now easier to interpret by the user. See the following blog post.
  • The product starts up much faster.
  • The Wizard has been rewritten for Office 365 users and allows for quicker configuration of the product. See the following blog post.
  • The configuration checks have been adapted for On-Premises configurations without public folders.
  • Reloading a selection of recipients in reports is much faster.
  • More graceful behavior in Office 365 mode if the number of license mailboxes is exceeded. The product now allows data imports and only prevents reports from being generated.

Enhancements in the import process

  • Improved access to Exchange servers located in foreign domains or in a DMZ. It is now possible to access these servers via an FQDN.
  • If a communication error with Office 365 occurs the operation is now attempted again instead of terminating in error.

Bug fixes

  • Calendar Items Search report: Some mailboxes and appointments could be displayed several times.
  • Permissions on Mailbox Folders report: Depending on Exchange versions, the report could be empty or all permissions appear as custom.

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