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Here, at Promodag, our best advertisement is our satisfied customers. This is what they think of Promodag Report.


That worked perfectly. With this kind of accurate and speedy service, don't be surprised if I keep emailing for support.

From USA, SJ

I would also like to comment on the excellent technical support that I have received from you. I was concerned when we initially purchased this software because of the geographic differences. That has however proven not to be a problem at all and I greatly appreciate it.

From USA, LM

The most positive technical support experiences I have had have been in dealing with your company, and they have been few and far between thanks to the quality of your products. Your quick responses and complete knowledge of your product have saved me several times. Maybe if other companies could grasp this concept, I wouldn’t be stuck on hold for hours at a time with their support lines.

From USA, TO

Again I'm very happy with the support you gave me. Luckily, we don't need support that often, because it's a good product; but when support is needed, the problem is always solved quickly and well.

From Netherlands, RP

Good Afternoon ! We recently purchased Promodag Reports. We are very impressed with the functions provided by and the user-friendly interface incorporated in your product. Thank you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! The Mailbox Content reports are EXACTLY what I've been wanting for a long, long time. An outstanding job!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!

From USA, RM

Your product rocks!!

From USA, SF

I've tried all the reporting products available on the market (xx,...), took me a couple of weeks to understand how to install (some I didn't even go through with the testing..) Promodag is simple, in just a couple of hours, I was getting the answers I needed !!.... Thanks, great product !!

From USA, NH

I believe that you provide a great product for Exchange reporting and should an opportunity come along I'll be pleased to recommend Promodag...

From USA, KH

I like the product, it is very easy to use.

From USA, DD

I liked your product it was very robust (aimed at large email systems).

From USA, PP

Installed, tested, and working perfectly. Thanks for the fast response! ...I was amazed at your quick response to our needs. It only confirms that we made the right choice with Promodag !

From USA, KL

You have a really wonderful product....The product was easy to use & very intuitive; I was able to quickly produce a few reports showing some areas where our Exchange environment needed some attention.

From USA, DM

Wow, it's so easy, my manager isn't so much into messaging systems, but he needed the info, boy, was he happy we had Promodag !! ..

From USA, A.D

This product totally fulfilled my expectations, love it !!...

From USA, J.L

From my point of view as the systems administrator the product is fantastic, it meets all my requirements and is, without exception, the best piece of mail reporting software out there.

From UK, H.E

Congratulations!!!!!! This is a wonderful Tool !

From Austria, B.F

I thought that Promodag was a great product and highly recommended it to my manager and the CIO. I think that this application would be of great use in our environment and could shed some light on traffic patterns and analysis.

From US, F.C

We find Promodag very useful and have not met any product that offers the same ease of use and functionality as promodag.

From US, A.B

I like the type of reports available and am very impressed with the Internet detailed report that includes subject and attachment information and that it can be used with a SQL back end.

From UK, K.B

best product I have ever used.

From USA, S

I would like to tell you that I very appreciate your product because now I can really rule this system and find any hole or thin space. I am going to put it into full production today.


I am currently evaluating Promodag Reports, and have been impressed with it so far. One of the things I like best about it, is it imports the Exchange directory and tracking logs into a database. Once the import is done, the Exchange server is out of the picture. No software gets installed on the mail server, and no modifications are made to the Exchange directory structure. The software runs on a separate machine. The reports are very useful as well as easy to generate. I have found Promodag extremely useful and quick in spotting loops, because it can be used to analyze internal as well as external traffic. It has pre-formatted reports that have helped me determine which mailboxes have generated the most traffic in a given time frame.

From USA, M.A

I have been waiting for the release of the new version, and I am very impressed with it.

From UK, E.S

We are a current Promodag customer and I love your new version. You guys are doing some great things over there and you sure make my job a little easier.

From USA, E.W

We are finishing our tests and Promodag seems to be the best solution available on the market for Exchange reporting.

From Brazil, L.A

I am the Exchange engineer for .... and have evaluated your product against M... and C. R. and have found it to be exactly what we need. I have submitted my request for this product to my manager who will evaluate my request.... Thank you for your help and for providing a great reporting tool.

From Texas, R.C

...I am currently running an evaluation copy of Promodag Reports ... This is a brilliant package and I intend purchasing it.

From South Africa, P.L

The Promodag application is wonderful. It has provided us with great information ...It is an excellent product and I will push very hard for our purchase of it....Thanks for your product and the quick and timely support I received when using it.

From A.S

... I just started using the evaluation copy today and I am impressed with the reports that can be generated.

From J.S

... I am quite impressed with the Promodag Reports for Exchange Server...

From Canada,D.C

...I have looked at the new version of Promodag and am very impressed. This is exactly what we have been looking for..does suit our needs in both performance and pricing...

From J.A

I have been "playing" around with Promodag Reports for the best part of today - and I have just one thing to say. Congratulations! This is a great piece of Exchange add-on, which meets all my needs for reporting and mail analysis. It is amazingly simple to use - yet, it produces very powerful analysis reports. I am impressed! To you and your colleagues - well done!

From Switzerland, J.M

I have recommended your product to my client. They will most likely be purchasing several licenses. Thanks again for your quick response

From T.C

I've been testing several different reporting products. I find Promodag the easiest to manage, gives me some useful and complete data, and is very uncluttered.

From R.M

Where I work, there is a struggle going on about e-mail centralization vs distribution. Unfortunately, we can guess that a large majority of e-mail (say 90%) is internal, that there are high morning peaks, .... but we have no hard figures. If we had this tool, we could have hard figures for our decision making. We are moving from ccMail. If your organization uses Exchange, strongly consider getting and maintaining traffic data.

From Admin

From start, your product really looks more professional than several others that I had opportunity to evaluate and work with.

From B. B., Croatia

I must say, the Promodag team sure does provide quick fixes and commitment to improvement, I continue to feel we get good value for our maintenance

From R. F., USA

"le meilleur produit que j'aie jamais utilisé"

"excellent support technique"