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Five Q & A about automation

Five questions and answers about using PPromodag Reports in batch mode:

Q1: At what time does Microsoft Exchange create a new message tracking file?
A: Date and time are always expressed in GMT/UTC in Exchange Server, and the Exchange system closes message tracking files at 00:00 GMT/UTC.
Promodag Reports considers that the log is completely closed after 1AM GMT/UTC.

Q2: At what time can I schedule my import batch jobs?
A: Import batch jobs should be scheduled from 1 AM GMT/UTC onwards, after yesterday's logs have been closed.

Q3: Is it better to import data everyday, or once a week/month?
A: We would recommended you to import data on a daily basis. The process is shorter and easier to monitor.

Q4: In which order does the batch job execute actions?
A: The selected actions, in whichever order they were included in the batch file, always execute in the following order:

   1. Purge Imported Data,
   2. Import Directory Data,
   3. Import Message Tracking Data,
   4. Import Storage Size Data,
   5. And then eventually custom reports are generated.

Q5: Is it better to create a batch file for purging imports, and then another one for importing data?
A: No, it is not, for the data purge job may still be in progress when the data import job is scheduled to start, and therefore it will fail.
A much better option is to create one single batch including a Purge Imported Data action. Imports will only start once data have been cleared.

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