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Exchange Server reporting made simple

Promodag Reports is a comprehensive reporting solution for Exchange Server. Its multiple traffic, storage, and mailbox content reports help you simplify and automate the management of email usage. With our tool, make sure that messages exchanged comply with business rules and optimize the performance of a strategic part of your communication system.

Key features

It only takes a couple of minutes to install and configure Promodag Reports. The product uses native Exchange data sources; it is not necessary to install anything on your Exchange servers. Data gathering as well as report generation and distribution can be easily automated.

  • More than 80 ready-to-use report templates with many options.
  • Support for Exchange Server, Exchange Online (Office 365), and hybrid environments.
  • Interface in French, English and German.
  • Export reports in different formats: PDF, XLS, HTML, CSV.
  • Reports can be emailed to the user or his manager, published to a public folder, a website or SharePoint.
  • Ability to save report options as favorites.
  • Mailboxes can be selected and grouped by Active Directory attribute: Service, Manager, Organizational Unit ...
  • Choice between using a SQL LocalDB or SQL Server database.
  • Traffic and content reports at the message level.
  • Reports for call centers with response time and details of the last action performed.
  • Reports on the evolution of the size of Exchange databases.
  • Reports on Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync show who uses webmail, and when.
  • Ability to restrict the reporting period to specific days or business hours.

To go further

Trying Promodag Reports is very simple:

Feel free to contact our support for any questions about configuration, product usage, or the availability of a report you need.

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