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Promodag, the long-established leader in Exchange Server reporting

A full range of attractively laid out reports for both on-premises and Office 365 Exchange reporting provides a rich and highly customizable set of solutions for Exchange managers around the globe.

Traffic Analysis and SLA Reporting

Here’s what you can do to analyze traffic, monitor key SLA metrics and spot email usage trends and issues before they become an issue:

  • Access and compare historical data across criteria customized to your organization’s needs
  • Manage usage globally, by server, by mailbox, by department, by country and many other criteria
  • Leverage a wide range of general and specialist reports that can be flexibly configured to suit your precise traffic analysis or SLA reporting needs
  • Automated distribution of reports to colleagues and business managers.
Item Breakdown by Folder


Email’s ability to share information inside and outside your organization means it is a critical area to control in terms of data governance and compliance. Promodag Reports provides the policy tracking and investigative tools to quickly and specifically respond to HR and governance requests:

  • Search mailboxes and messages, including content
  • Reliably track messages by key word, size, date range and many other criteria without the need for Exchange adds-ons or specific appliances
  • Protect your organization from data abuse or rogue users
  • Avoid installing Exchange adds-ons or deploying specific appliances.
Mailbox Size Growth

Capacity Planning and Migration

Ensuring an Exchange upgrade or migration goes smoothly, avoids bottlenecks and is judged a success requires rigorous planning and access to detailed and pertinent information.

Promodag has exactly the tools to ensure you succeed by avoiding the many potential pitfalls of a badly planned Exchange upgrade or migration. They include:

  • A detailed inventory of your current resources
  • A precise understanding of historical and current email trends
  • Both overview and specific information to make informed decisions about the best transition steps and resources.
Mailbox Traffic Cost Chargeback


The industry’s most complete and flexible email chargeback solution includes:

  • The ability to assign charges by traffic volume, traffic type, storage space, number of mailboxes, meeting room or other criteria
  • For additional flexibility you can add threshold-based charging as well as combine and weight multiple criteria to assign percentage costs to users
  • Plus generate charging reports in the currency of your choice.