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Office 365 Message Breakdown by Hour of the Day

Get an overview of the system

You have been using the Exchange Online service included with Office 365 for some time now, but you are missing some key indicators. If you have trouble answering the following questions, then Promodag Reports can help you.

  • How to check the progress of the migration by identifying the users who use the service, and those who do not use it?
  • How to measure the adoption of the system through the study of traffic evolution?
  • How to determine hourly and weekly traffic peaks?
  • Which departments are the largest consumers of the messaging service, and who are their correspondents?
  • How to easily inventory users' mailboxes with their archives, mobile devices by model and operating system, distribution groups with their members, or shared mailboxes?
  • How to produce statistics of size, number and age of items contained in mailboxes?
Office 365 Message Breakdown by Recipient Count

Face your legal obligations

Legislation on the use of the computer tool becomes more complex as it is refined, and the messaging administrator is increasingly required to produce compliance reports for decision-makers or human resources. Promodag Reports allows you to verify that the rules in force in the company are respected.

  • Easily respond to eDiscovery requests related to the GDPR using keyword-based searches.
  • List users who can access other mailboxes or who are delegates.
  • Produce compliance reports on individual users' mailboxes to respond to administrative or court requests.
  • List the redirection rules that are enabled on inboxes.
  • Detect potentially unprofessional message exchanges by filtering specific SMTP addresses or domains.
  • Verify that the right to disconnect is respected by counting users who send messages outside working hours.
  • Keep a local history of messages exchanged to anticipate your future obligations.
Office 365 Mailbox Breakdown by Size

Optimize the use of your resources

The use of Office 365 licenses makes it essential to check the proper use of the resources available to users. Beyond the subscription costs, the maintenance of stale mailboxes leads to a loss of administration time. In addition, it must be ensured that the internal equipment managed through Office 365 is used to the best of its ability.

  • List unused mailboxes so you can disable them and save licenses.
  • Break down mailboxes by size to assign them the optimal subscription.
  • Stop maintaining distribution groups or unnecessary contacts.
  • Get rid of public folders that contain outdated or confidential data.
  • Measure the response times to messages received by shared customer service mailboxes and view the email exchange history.
  • Calculate in just a few clicks the usage rate of meeting rooms or managed devices through Exchange Online.
Office 365 mailbox traffic growth

Get indicators for your daily management

Use reliable indicators to perform your daily tasks, identify future needs, and plan future developments. Identify potential anomalies and long-term trends by consolidating the data you have and comparing it with the data you previously gathered.

  • Group the mailboxes by size and easily determine which quota to apply to them. Quantify your backup and archiving needs.
  • List and notify users who are about to reach their quota.
  • Sort your mailboxes by SMTP domain.
  • Show the breakdown of messages by day or hour in local time, not in UTC time.
  • View the growth of mailbox sizes over time to highlight their size and percentage fluctuation, and derive basic patterns.
  • Automatically send reports to users or their manager.
Office 365 Item Breakdown by Age

Manage the content of user mailboxes

With the implementation of regulations such as the GDPR, the management of the content of mailboxes becomes an object of concern. The e-mail administrator is therefore faced with eDescovery requests to ensure that the system does not contain sensitive information about privacy. Promodag Reports can analyze the contents of mailboxes as well as public folders.

  • Search for messages by keyword in mailboxes and public folders.
  • Show the breakdown of Outlook items by age, size or folder.
  • Check the size of standard folders: Recycle Bin, Junk Mail ... to check for regular cleaning.
  • View the breakdown and size of attachments by type.
  • List the permissions granted on the mailbox folders.
  • Extract meetings and calendar appointments, and easily summarize them.
  • Detect the email rules applied in the mailboxes, and especially the rules for redirection to external correspondents.

Reports that make the difference

Promodag Reports is a simple and powerful tool that includes more than 80 report templates with many options. Go far beyond the native Office 365 reports and produce eye-catching documents thanks to the exclusive features of Promodag Reports.

  • Search for messages by keywords and view their subject line.
  • Select and group mailboxes by directory attributes (Country, Department, Custom Attributes ...)
  • Restrict the period of your reports to specific days and business hours of your choice. Manage your own holiday calendars.
  • Produce traffic statistics by mailbox and determine the largest users by sent messages, received messages or number of recipients.
  • Break down traffic between internal and external recipients, or by SMTP domain.
  • Choose the time zone to use and display the local time in all your traffic reports.
  • Customize your reports by adding your company logo and apply a personalized graphic chart.
  • Use the theme-ranked canned reports library provided with the product. They answer many common questions.
  • Email your reports to the user or manager, publish them to a public folder, a website, or a SharePoint document library, or export them to a database.
  • Do not burden yourself with complicated PowerShell scripts and enjoy a user-friendly and ergonomic graphical interface.

A product that evolves with its users

Promodag Reports was created more than 20 years ago to generate reports on Exchange Server and it contains many tools to help you manage your Exchange Online messaging. In many ways, these achievements make the difference for Exchange administrators who switch to Office 365:

  • Existing local customers of Promodag Reports can migrate their on-premise license to an Office 365 license at no cost!
  • You can keep the statistics from your old system after you migrate to Office 365.
  • You can get the same reports about users and mailboxes, whether they are hosted on-premises or in Office 365.
  • You have a wide range of general or detailed reports including many options and unique features that will help you answer all kinds of requests.
  • You use an advanced software tool that is based on the thousands of evolution requests from clients of all sizes that have guided the presentation and customization of reports.

In a nutshell, Promodag Reports is a well-stocked "toolbox" that almost certainly meets your current and future needs for Exchange Online messaging reports.

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