Promodag Reports is licensed for one Exchange organization, on a cost-effective per analyzed server basis or per Office 365 mailboxes. A license is established for at least one Exchange server or 100 Office 365 mailbox and one console (product installation).

As an example, if two administrators intend to use Promodag Reports on their workstations to analyze 10 Exchange servers, you will need a 10 server and 2 console pack license.

You do not have to license all the servers of your organization. Only servers you need to analyze to get the reports you want must be included. In order to find out which servers to license please check here.


Promodag Reports is available in 3 editions designed to meet the needs of different organizations, from a small enterprise with a single server to a global enterprise with multiple servers. See a complete list of features by edition.

Any one of these editions can be tested using the evaluation version, downloadable from this website. Once Promodag Reports is installed, you can choose to test a particular edition in the registration screen.

  • Standard for single-server organizations using Microsoft Access database as the data repository.
  • Professional for multi-server organizations using Microsoft Access database as the data repository.
  • Enterprise for multi-server organizations. In this edition, the data repository is a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Note For organizations with more than 10 servers, we recommend using the Enterprise edition, since the size of an Access database is limited to 2 GB of data.


The initial Promodag Reports license comes with a one-year maintenance plan, which entitles you to free e-mail and phone technical support, updates and upgrades to new versions for 12 months. Thereafter ongoing maintenance including upgrades is subject to an annual maintenance fee.


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