Connector flow reports are useful measurement tools that display the volume of emails that flow through the Exchange servers of the organization. These reports deal with incoming and outgoing messages, unlike traffic reports that are about sent and received emails. Please note that connector flow events are not imported by default. All reports can be customized and exported to various output destinations, such as a network share, an email recipient or a SharePoint library. Available output formats include PDF, CSV and HTM.

SMTP Servers By Traffic Level On-Premises

Find out the top sending hosts. These hosts may be external SMTP servers relaying messages through Exchange, or belong to the organization.

Connector Flow Growth On-Premises

This report provides a graphic overview of connector flow growth during a time frame. Note: The volume of incoming and outgoing messages does not reflect the volume of emails sent and delivered.

Connector Flow by Type On-Premises

Quantify and qualify the volume of incoming and outgoing messages over time by filing connector flow events by recipient type, for example Mailbox, Public folder or External recipient.

Flow Between Servers On-Premises

This report shows the flow of messages of all kinds between Exchange servers within the organization. The messages are divided between recipient types, for example Mailbox or Distribution group.

Flow Origin and Destination On-Premises

This report details the routing process in the Exchange organization based on the origin and destination of messages. It is possible to drill down to the recipient type, or even to the recipient level.

Transiting Flow On-Premises

This report complements Flow Origin and Destination by displaying the flow of messages transiting through Exchange servers. It is possible to drill down to the recipient type, or even to the recipient level.