Comprehensive Reports for Office 365

Promodag Reports is the most comprehensive and easy to navigate system for reporting on Office 365 today.

By contrast, the native reports that ship with Office 365 rely on aggregate data that provide insufficient information for informed management decisions, are limited to between 14 and 90 days in time, making long-term analysis complex, and are based only on UTC time, which reduces the utility of time-based reports in other regions.

With Promodag Reports you can change all that and uncover a huge range of extremely rich information that can help you save money, gain efficiency and comply with regulatory and business security policies.

Originally designed to report on Exchange server over 20 years ago, Promodag Reports has trail-blazed a long series of innovations to deliver an impressively wide range of tools to facilitate the management of Exchange mail. For managers and administrators that have transitioned to Cloud-based email with Office 365, this heritage makes a decisive difference in many ways:

  • A wide range of overview and detailed reports that meet a huge range of needs
  • A feature-rich set of reports with many unique functionalities not available elsewhere
  • Integrated feedback from thousands of organizations, large and small, on how they would like their reports presented and customized
  • Above all, a mature and easy to navigate toolbox for Exchange reporting that almost certainly meets your present and future reporting needs.

Most of our users concentrate on two main areas of usage for their reporting needs: