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Office 365 Reports for Mailbox Size

Promodag Reports for Office 365 features a dedicated group of reports for Office 365 mailbox size and quota reports that let you go much further than the native reports Office 365 provided in the Office 365 Admin Center. Its wide-ranging and automated tools enable you to:

  • Keep a history of Office 365 mailbox size
  • Calculate the % increase in mailbox growth in a given period Exclusive
  • List the top Office 365 mailboxes by size
  • Group mailboxes by size to let you apply relevant mailbox quotas Exclusive
  • Obtain mailbox statistics about size and number of items
  • List mailboxes that have exceeded their quota
  • Warn users that are close to their quota before they get the "Mailbox Size Limit exceeded" message Exclusive
  • Check the evolution of mailbox size over time to highlight trends
  • And more generally to go beyond the 'get-mailboxstatistics' command, gather data for later use and enhance your reports
  • Promodag Reports are attractively laid out, can be automated once set up.

Office 365 Mailbox size and Quota Information

In addition, all our Office 365 reports can be customized and exported to various output destinations, such as a network share, an email recipient or a SharePoint library. Available output formats include PDF, XLSX, CSV and HTML.

Go well beyond native Office 365 reports with useful and attractive layouts

Mailbox Size Evolution over last 2 years

Office 365 Mailbox size and Quota Information

Mailbox Breakdown by Size