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Capacity Planning and Migration

Planning upgrades or undertaking an Exchange migration comes down to having detailed and pertinent information available to the planning process. Promodag Exchange migration tools project the future capacity needs based on the current use of your organization, and provides you with:

  • A detailed inventory of your current resources
  • A good understanding of historical and current email trends.
  • Both overview and specific information to make informed decisions about the best transition steps and resources.

It is important to understand the advantages of capacity planning, as it will help justify the costs induced. Promodag helps you carefully plan the capacity level, so that you can monitor costs and time during different stages of implementation and prepare for upcoming migrations.

Want to identify potential bottlenecks and avoid the many pitfalls of a badly planned Exchange upgrade or migration?

Understanding which data can be archived before changing your system can significantly save on migration time and future storage requirements, particularly given the changes to single-instance storage since Exchange 2010. Together with an assessment of usage, traffic types, attachment sizes you can generate cost savings for your organisation money by optimizing resource usage and efficiently planning for future growth.

What are the benefits?

Because predicting the future is hard, Promodag Exchange migration tools help you get a clear picture of the current situation, and of the configuration to come, through a better understanding of email trends. We offer a solution to simplify this complex environment, and to help you plan your migration in time, based on your budget and goals, by showing you what information can be archived or not, before migrating. After having made an accurate assessment with Promodag, you will be able to efficiently plan transition and upgrades for future growth, all in a cost-effective and documented way to prove how well the migration has been planned.

And once you are done, you can modify and verify the effectiveness of changes and upgrades as well as provide documentary evidence to senior managers of how well the transition has been planned and how well positioned your organization now is for future growth.

Sample Capacity Planning and Exchange Migration reports