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Email’s ability to share information inside and outside your organization means it is a critical area to control in terms of data governance and compliance. Promodag Reports provides the policy tracking and investigative tools to quickly and specifically respond to HR and governance requests:

  • Search mailboxes and messages, including content.
  • Reliably track messages by key word, size, date range and many other criteria without the need for Exchange adds-ons or specific appliances.

With Promodag Reports you can:

  • Protect your organization from data abuse or rogue users.
  • Avoid installing Exchange adds-ons or deploying specific appliances.

View sample Compliance reports below:

Internet correspondents for a mailbox for previous 2 days
Inbox rules from a selection of mailboxes
Doc and Pdf attachments in a selection of mailboxes
Messages sent to more than 1 recipient with "Joke" in subject line
XLS files in Sent Items folder
Top 3 senders per OU for a selection of mailboxes for previous month
Message breakdown by recipient count for previous month
Message breakdown by size for previous month
Top 10 SMTP domains by sent messages for previous 6 months