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Traffic Analysis and SLA Reporting

Here’s what you can do to analyze traffic, monitor key SLA metrics and spot email usage trends and issues before they become an issue:

  • Access and compare historical data across criteria customized to your organization’s needs.
  • Manage usage globally, by server, by mailbox, by department, by country and many other criteria.
  • Leverage a wide range of general and specialist reports that can be flexibly configured to suit your precise traffic analysis or SLA reporting needs.
  • Automated distribution of reports to colleagues and business managers.

After the easy setup, everything is automated.

View sample Traffic Analysis and SLA reports below:

Email traffic for a selection of mailboxes for previous month
Daily Traffic summary for previous month
Distribution group usage for previous week
Mailbox breakdown by daily traffic for previous month
Mailbox traffic for previous month, sorted by count of sent messages
Message breakdown by day of the week for previous month
Message breakdown by hour of the day for previous month
Server Traffic : Internal vs. Internet for previous month
Server traffic growth for previous month
Message breakdown by delivery time for previous month
Message delivery status for previous 3 months
OWA usage growth for previous 12 months