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Exchange reporting for Office 365 and Exchange On-premises

Promodag Reports for Exchange is a versatile Exchange reporting tool that is compatible with both Exchange Online (Office 365) and On-premise. Simplify and automate e-mail auditing processes, make sure they comply with business rules, and optimize the performance of your e-mail system.

Office 365 Reporting ...

Promodag Reports covers all of your reporting needs on your Exchange Online or Hybrid messaging system.

Our tool provides an overview of the system and helps you meet your legal obligations such as the GDPR, but also optimize the use of your resources. Finally, it can produce indicators that can be used as part of your day-to-day management, especially that of mailbox content.

Exchange Server Reporting

Promodag Reports has been the preferred reporting tool for the Exchange Server administrators community for over 20 years.

Use it to audit best practices and especially the GDRP application, or to prepare for a migration to another version of Exchange Server or Office 365. Take advantage of its unique features to analyze your traffic and the content of database at different levels. Other application areas include OWA reporting, internal rebilling ...

What we do

Promodag has been developing Microsoft Exchange reporting tools for more than 20 years, with unique features like the possibility of selecting and grouping recipients by attribute or focusing on specific working hours. Our Sales Department can cover the entire world, so we can be always available for our customers. In addition, we really care about quality of our work, and we provide a responsive support for our customers. If you want to get more information about our products, please check out our blog and our resources section, or feel free to contact us!

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