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Version 10.4 is available

Version 10.4 brings report enhancements and performance improvements for Office 365 users.
Released March 7, 2018

Histogram of Office 365 message breakdown by day of the week

Reports for Exchange Online (Office 365) ...

Promodag Reports covers all of your reporting needs on your Exchange Online or Hybrid messaging system.

Our tool provides an overview of the system and helps you meet your legal obligations such as the GDPR, but also optimize the use of your resources. Finally, it can produce indicators that can be used as part of your day-to-day management, especially that of mailbox content.

Pie chart of Exchange Server mailbox size

... and Reports for Exchange Server

Promodag Reports has been the preferred reporting tool for the Exchange Server administrators community for over 20 years.

Use it to audit best practices and especially the GDRP application, or to prepare for a migration to another version of Exchange Server or Office 365. Take advantage of its unique features to analyze your traffic and the content of database at different levels. Other application areas include OWA reporting, internal rebilling ...

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