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Version 10.4 is available
Version 10.4 brings report enhancements and performance improvements for Office 365 users.
Released March 7, 2018

Exchange Server and Office 365 reporting

Exchange reporting for Office 365 and On-Premises

Promodag Reports v10 is designed to continue our tradition of providing best-in-class reporting on Exchange servers, whether your infrastructure stay On-premises, migrate to Office 365 or are a combination of both.

Promodag Reports includes a wide range of Office 365 mailbox size and user traffic reports that are far superior to the reports that come with Office 365 Admin Center.

Promodag Storelog

Retrieve message tracking logs from Office 365 for free

StoreLog easily allows you to retrieve message tracking logs from Office 365 so that users can, in a simple way, retain these logs for an indefinite period of time and analyze data over longer periods.

  • Query Office 365 to retrieve the information previously logged into Message Tracking Logs
  • Generate local daily files containing all message tracking events recorded in chronological order
  • Archive generated Message Tracking Logs for further processing, or import them into a StoreLog database