This page provides an overview of Promodag’s support resources for our existing users and newcomers evaluating the product. Alongside a suite of on-line resource tools focused on addressing common user issues, we also provide a dedicated support system with office hours that overlap with the major international time zones.

On-Line Resources

The quickest starting point for your support needs is to consult our on-line resource tools. Together with our error messages, which are designed to help users diagnose problems autonomously, these tools help you swiftly locate answers to the common issues as submitted by our user base. A great time saver for both you and us.


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Submitting a Support Request

Our customer support team will respond to requests from both users evaluating the product and customers with a valid maintenance contract:

For users evaluating the product:
During the evaluation period you can submit up to 2 support requests via email or use Help Technical Support Request from the product's menu system.

For existing customers with a valid maintenance plan:
We support an unlimited number of support requests from users who subscribe to our maintenance plan. Support requests can be submitted either …

  • via email or use Help Technical Support Request from the product’s menu system.
  • or by phone: +33 1 53 27 66 60 or Toll Free (from USA only): 1(888) 696-5404.

For existing customer whose support contract has expired:
Please use our on-line resource tools as we are unable to respond to support requests outside contract. You can subscribe at any time to our maintenance plan, which includes all upgrades - just request a quotation from our sales department with your license number.

How to speed up problem resolution when submitting a new ticket explains how to access our support resources in the most efficient way – essentially it comes down to giving us the information we need to quickly isolate your issue. Since the v9 release there is an automated error reporting module available to facilitate this process.

Response times:
We normally respond within 2 hours, but please allow 24 hours for us to respond to account for differences in international time zones. Our office hours are 10:00 to 19:00 GMT+1 (Paris), Monday to Friday.