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This page provides an overview of Promodag’s support resources for our existing users and newcomers evaluating the product. Alongside a suite of on-line resource tools focused on addressing common user issues, we also provide a dedicated support system.

Submitting a Support Request

Our customer support team will respond to requests from both users evaluating the product and customers with a valid maintenance contract.

Support requests can be submitted either …

  • via our contact form
  • via email or use Help Technical Support Request from the product’s menu system.
  • or by phone: +33 1 53 27 66 60 or Toll Free (from USA only): 1(888) 696-5404.

Response times:
We normally respond within 2 hours, but please allow 24 hours for us to respond to account for differences in international time zones.

On-Line Resources

The quickest starting point for your support needs is to consult our on-line resource tools below.