La messagerie électronique est le 1er outil utilisé par vos collaborateurs en dehors de leurs heures de travail. Utilisez PROMODAG Reports pour vous assurer que votre entreprise respecte bien l'article  L2242-8 du Code du travail concernant le droit à la déconnexion.   Nous détaillons donc dans ce qui suit les différents rapports de messagerie disponibles afin d'évaluer et d ...

Improvements that come with Promodag Reports v.10.2

  • Style Editor
  • Improved readability
  • Choice between 2 graph types in 8 more reports
  • New Inter-Group Traffic report

How to create or modify a stylesheet, use a default stylesheet for your reports, and use a particular style in specific reports.

Improvements that come with PROMODAG Reports v.10.1.227.

  • SharePoint export options improvements
  • Exchange 2016 CU2 message tracking files format is now taken into account
  • Public folder storage reports for Office 365 

Here is a quick list of improvements introduced in Promodag Reports V 10.1.

  • Reports can now be branded to display your own logo
  • On-Premises to Office 365 migration awareness
  • Export reports to SharePoint 365
  • Export reports data into foreign SQL database
  • Quickly find recipients by name in the entire Exchange organization
  • Report on users' phones and mobile devices

The Get-Recipient command doesn't return any result if run without any parameter

Improvements that come with PROMODAG Reports v.10.0.453.

  • Support of Exchange 2016
  • Office 365 recipient categorization
  • Faster and more comprehensive import of Office 365 recipients
  • Check For Updates at startup and proxy support
  • Bug fixes

Today we will look at a feature that is somewhat hidden but sometimes very useful: the listing of messages related to a particular recipient. This feature has long been available in PROMODAG Reports and it has been greatly improved in v.10 to enable the user to perform a multi-criteria search. This can be helpful when you need to quickly find if a message was sent or received ...

Promodag Reports V 10.0.411 brings the option of selecting and groupin mailboxes by DAG (Database availability group). For those who are not familiar with this exclusive feature of PROMODAG Reports that allows the user to select and group objects by attribute, here is how to do it. Selecting mailboxes by DAG Selection by DAG is available in all the reports that allow to sele ...

You may want to schedule the creation of Office 365 message tracking files with StoreLog. To do that, you must first create a batch file, and then schedule it by manually creating a task in Task Scheduler.To create the batch file in PROMODAG StoreLog, follow these steps: In the Tools menu, select the Schedule Generation of Office 365 Message Tracking option. Check default o ...