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Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance of the terms of use

PROMODAG authorizes you to use its site at URL address ("the Site") and the products and services supplied on the Site, subject to compliance with these Terms of Use, which PROMODAG may amend at any time. We accordingly recommend regular consultation of the Terms of Use, which are available on the Site at all times and which you may print.

2. Your obligations

All information (especially your identification) which you supply to PROMODAG must be accurate, complete and updated as necessary.
You undertake to use the Site in accordance with the Terms of Use, including observance of the intellectual and industrial property rights relative to the products and services available on the Site.

3. Intellectual and industrial property rights

The products and services available on the Site, in particular the titles, source codes, computer programs and appurtenant documents, are protected by intellectual property rights, including trademarks (logos), patents and copyrights (for example in the downloadable software), which you undertake to observe.

You also acknowledge familiarity with the fact that the content (text, pictures, sounds, sundry functionalities) available on the Site may be copyrighted, and you undertake not to produce any part of such content without PROMODAG's prior express consent.

PROMODAG grants you the personal, non-exclusive and non-assignable right to download some of the software programs available on the Site in compliance with the Terms of Use. You thus have a license authorizing you to use the downloaded software, but no property right to such software. You acknowledge that you are prohibited from copying, altering, selling, redistributing, licensing or otherwise transferring any right relating to the software available on the Site. Your only right is to download such software to your computer as specified on the Site.

Software downloadable from the Site is protected work of PROMODAG or its suppliers. Use of each such software program is subject to the terms of end-use license, if any, which come with the software. Copying or reproduction of the software on another computer or server is strictly prohibited.

Anyone copying or reproducing products and/or services available on the Site without authorization is guilty of the criminal offense of infringement.

4. Links to other sites

You can access other websites from the Site through hypertext links, by clicking on "Resellers" for example. When you use such links, you leave the Site.

Since PROMODAG can neither check nor control the content, products and services, advertising, materials or equipment available on such other websites, you acknowledge that PROMODAG is not liable or responsible on any account if such content, products and services, advertising, materials or equipment infringe other parties' rights.

You accordingly waive all claims against PROMODAG for redress of any injury you may sustain by using any of the hypertexts on the Site.

5. Personal data

In connection with the use of the products and services available on the Site, you have to supply personal information to enable us to identify you and to be able to offer you our products and services.

"Data-Processing and Liberties" Act 34 n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 entitles you to access to, amendment and deletion of your personal data.

You may exercise that right by sending an e-mail message to the following address:

or mailing a letter to the following address:

22 bis rue de la Reunion
75020 Paris, France

Your personal data are kept on file for a period of 12 months.

Gathering and processing of such data are reported to the CNIL.

We may send you e-mail messages to tell you about our products and services or for other purposes. If you prefer not to receive such messages, please let us know by e-mail or by letter to the above address or

6. Limitation of liability

PROMODAG offers the software for downloading from its site subject to compliance with the Terms of Use. PROMODAG is not responsible for the fitness or liable for the unfitness of the products and services offered on the Site for the use you have in mind.

You waive all claim against PROMODAG for any injury you may sustain by using the Site, resulting in particular from loss of profits, loss of data or business interruption attributable to use, impossibility of use or results of use of the Site, or attributable to documents or data on the Site.

7. Governing law

All litigation relative to the use or consultation of the site is subject to French law.
All litigation relative to the use of the site shall be brought in the French courts.