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Promodag Reports is a comprehensive Exchange reporting solution that covers a multitude of different uses, each adapted, and adaptable, to the precise needs of our thousands of customers across the globe.

Here we set out some of the key uses of our Exchange reporting product. You can find out further information on each one of these usage areas, including example screenshots, by clicking on the links below.


Promodag Reports can help reduce the costs of your next PCI DSS assessment as well as your other regulatory compliance requirements.

Traffic Analysis and SLA Reporting

Granular, global analysis of email usage by server, mailbox, department and country as well as your own customized criteria.


The most complete, flexible and versatile email chargeback solution available. Includes threshold and weighted multiple user-centric criteria and currency reporting.

Capacity Planning and Migration

Deep-dive analysis of historical email usage can ensure your system is fully optimized and scaled to meet your organizations immediate and long-term needs - saving time and costs in your capacity planning and migration project.