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Here you will find information about our licensing system as well as how to obtain a quote and place an order.

Quote request and purchase

To obtain a personalized quote, contact us or fill out our online form.  You can also contact one of our resellers.

Currencies accepted: EUR, USD ou GBP. We accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa ou Master Card.
  • Checks.
  • Bank transfer.

For any questions regarding your order, please contact our sales department.

Licensing system

A Promodag Reports license covers an Exchange organization, and works by number of servers analyzed or by a pack of 100 Office 365 mailboxes. A license includes at least one Exchange Server or 100 Office 365 mailboxes and one console (administration workstation). If, for example, two administrators need to use Promodag Reports on their desktops to scan 10 Exchange servers, you will need a license for 10 servers and 2 consoles.


Promodag Reports is available in 3 editions designed to meet the needs of different companies, from the small company using only one server or a couple of Offices 365 mailboxes to the multinational which has a large number of them.

  • Standard Designed to analyze a single server or up to 100 Office 365 mailboxes from a single console. The data is stored in a Microsoft Access database.
  • Professional Designed to analyze multiple servers or more than 100 Office 365 mailboxes. Data is stored in a Microsoft Access database.
  • Enterprise Same features as the Professional edition, but the data can also be stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Note: We recommend the Enterprise Edition for organizations with more than 5 servers, or many Office 365 mailboxes because the size of an Access database is physically limited to 2 GB of data.


When purchasing the license, Promodag Reports comes with one year of maintenance including technical support by email or phone, updates and upgrades to new versions. Maintenance renewal is optional and involves annual fees.



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