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Founded in 1994, Promodag was originally a Microsoft Exchange systems consulting company. Faced with the demands of our customers in terms of reporting, we started to develop Promodag Reports in 1998. Since then, our product has constantly evolved to meet the needs and demands of our users.

Promodag Reports has become a leader in its category since then. It is now recognized by professionals as an essential asset for the administration of Microsoft Exchange messaging.

We are located in France (GMT +1) however, wherever you are, we always have a few hours in common, if you need to call us, or if you want to be contacted.
By e-mail, you will always receive an answer very quickly and we were often told that our answers were faster than some local companies!

You can purchase our products anywhere in the world, either by contacting us directly or through our network of resellers in your country.

General information and Sales


Tél: +33 1 53 27 66 60



Tél: +33 1 53 27 66 55


Promodag SA
22 bis rue de la Réunion
75020 Paris, France

Intracommunity VAT: FR0761 2042 127

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