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Basic Authentication in Exchange Online is about to be turned off

We have been receiving messages for some time asking if Promodag Reports supports modern authentication with Office 365 as Microsoft is about to turn off Basic Authentication. This short post provides an update on this issue.

What we support

Promodag Reports supports User-Based Authentication for the moment, i.e. a username and a password. It is not technically possible to use an account subjected to MFA.

User-Based Authentication

A Certificate-Based Authentication method will be available in the next major version of the product, to be released later this year.

What you need to do if you still use Basic Authentication with Office 365

  1. Install the ExchangeOnlineManagement PowerShell module on your Promodag console, see this blog post: Support of modern authentication with Office 365.
  2.  Follow the Admin Consent procedure detailed in this second post: Full compatibility with Modern authentication.
  3. And of course, install the latest release of Promodag Reports.

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