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Exchange Online incident #EX17698 may impact Promodag customers using Office 365

A service degradation issue has been detected in Exchange Online on Tuesday, April 1: The Get-MessageTrace command that Promodag Reports uses to create message tracking files from Office 365 may return incomplete information, or in some cases nothing at all (see your Office 365 Administration Center, Health section, Incident EX17698 : Can't see message traces). As a result, your message tracking file imports from April 1 to date may be unreliable.

This incident is ongoing at present (last available status on Apr 05, 2019 02:11 AM UTC: "We've confirmed that the solution is improving backlog processing and we're deploying it throughout the affected infrastructure. Although we expect that this solution will expedite the process, we're evaluating additional optimizations which will be implemented as soon as validation has completed").

To check if you are impacted, open the Office 365 tracking logs directory (default location: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Promodag\Reports\Office365MessageTracking) and verify that the tracking logs dated from April 1, 2019 are consistent in size with the those of the previous weeks. You may also have noticed that this week’s reports display less messages than usual.

If you are impacted, please follow these steps to regenerate and reimport this week’s Office 365 tracking logs:

  • Open Promodag Reports,
  • Double-click the Office 365 configuration icon and copy the path to Office 365 tracking logs (‘Tracking file location’),
  • Open this directory in the Windows Explorer,
  • Select all files whose creation date is April 1 and newer, create a new folder and move them into it to backup them.
  • Back to Promodag Reports, go to Tools > Purge Message Tracking Data,
  • Select Office 365 and purge data from April 1 to date,
  • Go to File > Generate Office 365 Message Tracking Files and create files from April 1 to date.

These files will be imported the next time your scheduled import task runs.

These instructions are valid for 7 days from the date of the suspicious recordings. Get-MessageTrace does not allow to retrieve information beyond this limit.

We take this opportunity to inform you that a new package has been released today and you can download it at
Version 10.4.0085 issues an alert if empty Office 365 have been generated, which will help detecting earlier if a similar situation should occur in the future.

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