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How to bulk import a custom mailbox list

The possibility to select Exchange recipients in reports and save that selection into a separate file that can be used in different reports has been available for many years in Promodag Reports. However, the recipient selection process within the interface was somehow painstaking, in particular when it came to create extended selections. It was not possible to bulk import mailbox, public folder, group or contact lists into the application. This is now possible in version 11. A new option has been added to the Tools menu: Create a Recipient Selection.

Create or edit a selection of recipients

This new dedicated option lets you can either create or edit a recipient selection and use the classic text search to select recipients one by one.
To load an existing selection and edit it, click Selection file, and then make your selection and click Save.
To create a new selection from scratch, simply make your selection and click Save.

Create a selection of Exchange recipients

Import a list of SMTP addresses

A new way to bulk import your own list of recipients is to create a .txt file and enter or paste the SMTP address of each member of the selection. The structure of the file is extremely simple: one email address per line. Then change the file extension to .csv and click Email list, browse to the file and open it to import it.

Bulk select Exchange mailboxes using a CSV file

Why use selections?

This feature allows you to select a certain category of mail-enabled users in one based on your own criteria, e.g. the VIP users in your organization. Then you can save it once and for all, and re-use it in many different reports.
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