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track non-corporate email

Your management has undertaken to review the E-mail section of the Code of Conduct and require that all work-related electronic communications be done through work email addresses. However, you are well aware that some users abuse the messaging system to receive messages from their acquaintances or even from job search sites. How can you get an overview of the situation?

Get an overview of non-business email traffic

You can easily isolate this non-professional email traffic with Promodag Reports through its filtering features.

Filter non-corporate SMTP domains

You can show how many emails were sent to correspondents using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or LinkedIn addresses over the last two years with the Mailbox Traffic Growth template. On the following graph we can see that the number of sent messages – in blue – is steadily growing since June.

Non-corporate email traffic is growing again!

Isolate the top 10 non-corporate SMTP domains 

You can also break down non-corporate SMTP domains by traffic level with the Correspondents by Traffic Level template. Here we can see that is and by far the number one SMTP domain by number of sent messages.

Non-corporate SMTP domains by traffic level reporting

Identify the top 25 senders to email addresses

Finally, you can extract the first 25 senders to correspondents using the Mailbox by Traffic Level template.

Top senders to gmail report in a few clicks

Like most report templates dedicated to email traffic, it features an option to automatically send an individual report to each of the users shown in the report. This way, you can both raise users' awareness of good e-mail practices and track progress over time.


One of the best things that can be done to minimize the amount of exposure a company gets is to require that employees use their company email address for company business only. Promodag Reports can help you efficiently address this issue and contribute to the development of a safety culture within your organization. Sign up for a free 45-day trial now and please free to contact us if you have any question or if you wish to submit a technical support request.

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