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New report on traffic distribution by correspondent

The creation of a new report similar to Global Traffic Comparison by Correspondent, but at the mailbox level, was a long-standing development request. So we've just added a report called Mailbox Traffic Comparison by Correspondent to the Mailbox traffic category. It graphically displays the distribution of messages sent or received by type of correspondent (internal/external), by SMTP domain or even by individual correspondent.

Distribution by type

The default level of detail covers all selected Exchange recipients (1) and their correspondents' address type (2).

Report default options

This gives you an overview of all mailbox traffic distributed between internal and external correspondents.

Email traffic breakdown: internal vs. Internet

Distribution by domain

To go one level lower and obtain distribution by external SMTP domains, simply check the Correspondents domain ( radio button. Select the type of Internet correspondents in the Correspondents tab, and the sort order and values to be displayed in the Options tab.

Traffic breakdown between SMTP domains

Distribution by correspondent

Finally, we'll use the correspondent level of detail to analyze the traffic of a small selection of mailboxes and show who their first correspondents are.

Top correspondents for a group of mailboxes


This new report complements the General Mailbox Traffic and Mailbox by Traffic Level reports, from which it draws some of its information, but with the addition of a pie chart or histogram. In this way, you can supplement your usual array of reports to create clear, synthetic presentations of your weekly or monthly traffic. The latest version of Promodag Reports, which can be used by evaluators without a license for 45 days, can be found on our Downloads page; to leave us a message, submit a sales query or request support, please use our Contact form.

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