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Performance improvements for Office 365 users in version 10.4

The main enhancement introduced in Promodag Reports for Exchange Server v. 10.4 concerns the creation and the import of Office 365 message tracking files. The application now generates hourly tracking logs. The import process has also been optimized; as a result, the length of the whole procedure has been considerably reduced. Finally, Office 365 message tracking files can be zipped after they have been imported.

Improvements in the tracking log creation process

Promodag Reports now generates hourly Office 365 message tracking files in pretty much the same way as the on-premise versions of Exchange. The great advantage of this method is that it allows the application to resume at the point where it was interrupted in case the process has had to be stopped.

We have also taken this opportunity to allow the creation of Office 365 tracking logs for the current day. You no longer need to wait until tomorrow!

Optimization of the Office 365 tracking log import process

In addition, we have worked on the import of message tracking files in order to speed up the process. The results of the tests performed in our lab were quite encouraging, with import time divided by 2.5.

Make room for newer logs!

Some of our customers have several thousand mailboxes in Exchange Online, which explains that Promodag Reports can generate daily tracking logs over 500 MB each on the hard drive of their console. To address this issue, we have extended the possibility of zipping, and then deleting the original files after having imported them.

Zip and delete original tracking logs

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