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Critical issue for customers in Office 365 or Hybrid mode

A critical issue has been detected this week in Exchange Online: the value of the parameter we have used from the beginning in Promodag Reports to identify the Office 365 tenant was modified between December 23 and December 26. As a result of this change, the directory import no longer runs, and it is not possible to generate message tracking logs from Office 365 with the existing version of Promodag Reports. The information required to generate those tracking logs is only available for 7 days in Office 365, which makes it urgent to solve this problem.

Who is impacted?

This issue seemed to only affect some of our US customers at the beginning, but it has spread to the entire user community since. We have released a new package to address it and you can find Promodag Reports v.10.4.0070 on our Downloads page.

What to do?

We highly recommend that you upgrade your current installation to this release, which is available to all customers under a maintenance contract. To check if your maintenance is up to date, go to Help > License and look at the Update end field.

This upgrade does not involve any modification to the database structure and should be completed within a couple of minutes. Uninstalling Promodag Reports is not required, and no reboot is necessary either.

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