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Reports improvements in version 10.3

Promodag Reports for Exchange Server version 10.3 comes with some highly requested improvements in some of our reports:

  • The Distribution Group Usage report has been entirely rebuilt and now takes into account both internal and external senders.
  • The Database Size Information report displays the white space in database.
  • Storage reports have been optimized and run way faster than before.

Distribution Group Usage

This report has been completely rebuilt and now takes external messages sent to Distribution groups into account. Previously only internal messages sent to a group were considered. The report uses the expansion events for groups that have been imported since v.10.0.

Distribution Group Usage report

The options of the report have also been simplified and it no longer distinguishes between messages sent directly to groups or via a nested group. If you request the 'Originators', you will obtain the recipients who used the group to send messages on their behalf, or who sent messages to this group, with the last usage date. An unused group is a group that has not received any message and that has not been used to send some.

Select used Distribution Groups

Database Size Information now with white space

This report has been completely re-designed. It now displays, in addition to a stacked histogram, a table containing the following information:

  • The name of the database or grouping,
  • The number of mailboxes,
  • The size used after deduction of the recoverable space (white space) ,
  • The recoverable space or white space,
  • The percentage of the database occupied by the white space,
  • The total size of the database,
  • the size of transaction logs,
  • The cumulative size of the database and the transaction logs.

Database Size Information report

The report lets you sort the databases based on these criteria:

Sort databases by name, size or white space

The stacked histogram makes it possible to graphically show the size of the databases along with their different components.

Database Size Information report as a graph

We also took this opportunity to rename it from Database Size Comparison to Database Size Information to better reflect what it is now able to do. The run-time performance of the report has also been dramatically improved.

Improved performance in storage reports

Storage reports are much faster and do not seek to retrieve information from the Exchange environment if this data is already present in the Promodag Reports database.

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