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The Get-Recipient PowerShell command does not return anything from Office 365

Those of you who use Promodag Reports to analyze an Office 365 environment may known that retrieval of the directory from the Cloud is carried out through PowerShell commands and particularly Get-Recipient, that by default obtains a list of all recipients.

However, this command without parameters has not been working over the past few days. There is no error provided, just an empty list:

Get-Recipient Office 365 command returns nothing

The help command remains the same and does not show any change in the syntax. A quick look at the command help page indicates that it should be correct. 

Seeing this, we tried to specify the type of recipient to retrieve, and found that it worked for the following types:

  • Get-Recipient -RecipientType DynamicDistributionGroup
  • Get-Recipient -RecipientType MailUser
  • Get-Recipient -RecipientType MailContact
  • Get-Recipient -RecipientType MailUniversalDistributionGroup
  • Get-Recipient -RecipientType MailUniversalSecurityGroup
  • Get-Recipient -RecipientType MailNonUniversalGroup
  • Get-Recipient -RecipientType PublicFolder

But not with the UserMailbox type. The command always returned an empty list:

Get-Recipient -RecipientType UserMailbox

After some researches, we found that it was possible to retrieve all recipients or all mailboxes by adding the -Identity optional parameter with a wildcard.

Here is the syntax:

Get-Recipient -Identity "*" -ResultSize unlimited
Get-Recipient -Identity "*" -ResultSize unlimited -RecipientType UserMailbox

There you go:

Get-Recipient Office 365 command with Identity parameter

It is unclear at present whether the command syntax has changed and now makes the -Identity parameter mandatory, or if this is a bug that will be fixed soon.

Meanwhile, rest assured that the latest build of Promodag Reports (v.10.0.0463) takes the problem into account.

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