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The multiple benefits of the Recipient Type Details attribute

As you already know, Exchange recipient is the term used to describe any object in the directory that can send or receive messages from Exchange, and this is also the meaning of this term in the interface of Promodag Reports. Recipients are almost always mailboxes, but they can also be enterprise resources including equipment - devices such as computers, projectors or conference lines - or facilities such as conference or meeting rooms. Exchange includes several explicit recipient types to facilitate the management of those objects.

The Exchange recipient types

Each of those types is identified in the EAC and has a unique value in the RecipientTypeDetails property in the Exchange Management Shell. For example, Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 is designed to accommodate 17 recipient types. Some others are specific to Office 365. However, administrators will typically encounter some of them more frequently than others: user mailbox, shared mailbox, room mailbox, equipment mailbox, mail user, mail contact, mail-enabled security group, mail-enabled distribution group and dynamic distribution group.
Promodag Reports v.11 now imports this RecipientTypeDetails property.

How to select recipients by type in Promodag Reports

A new attribute is now available in the drop-down list of the reports’ Selection tab: Recipient Type Details. This way, you can select all user mailboxes of room mailboxes in one click.

Select Mailboxes by RecipientTypeDetails

This new feature also applies to reports on distribution groups: 

Select Distribution Groups by RecipientTypeDetails

Grouping recipients by type

Finally, you can also group recipients by type to make the inventory of existing users and available resources. It can also be an easy way to differentiate recipient types such as Security groups and Distribution groups with a report on distribution group usage.

Group Exchange Recipients by RecipientTypeDetails

Advanced ergonomics for better productivity

The ability to select Exchange recipients by type is yet another unique feature of Promodag Reports. You can try it for free and without obligation for 45 days, so don't hesitate! Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or if you need support.

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