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Track email sent to a specific SMTP domain

As an Exchange administrator or a manager, you may have wondered how many emails were sent monthly to non-business SMTP domains, and who sent those messages. You may also want to see the message subject line. This post explains how to do that in a few simple steps with Promodag Reports.

Find the right report

Open the application and look for the most suitable report template in the left pane, also known as the Report Explorer. As its name suggests, Mailbox Traffic would be the most relevant category. At the top of the list, General Mailbox Traffic has all it takes to produce such a report:

  • A Selection tab to select Exchange recipients,
  • A Correspondents’ tab to select their correspondents,
  • A Content tab to select the information to be displayed in the report.

Track email using the General Mailbox Traffic report

Step 1: Select recipients whose traffic must be analyzed

After having selected your reporting period, choose a user population in the Selection tab. A recipient is any mail-enabled object in Active Directory to which Microsoft Exchange can deliver or route messages.
Amongst all email recipients defined in our directory, let us check the email traffic of mailboxes that belong to our Sales and Support departments.

Select Exchange recipients by Department

Step 2: Select correspondents’ SMTP domains

Now, open the Correspondents tab and select the SMTP domains of the external correspondents of those Exchange recipients: Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

Filter correspondents by SMTP domain

Step 3: Set detail level of the report

Last step, compose the content of your report.
For an overview, select Totals only and Correspondents’ domains (

Set the detail level of your report to low

Run the report and adjust your options

Click OK to run the report. Here is how it should look like:

Report showing email sent to non-business SMTP domains

The options of the report can be adjusted at will by clicking the green circle arrow icon on the report toolbar:

Reload the options of your report

Let us drill down to the message Subject line:

Set de detail level of your report to high

Now we have the full detail of those emails as well as the SMTP addresses of the correspondents:

Report down to the message Subject line


Whether you need a mere overview or a detailed report showing who is sending those messages to whom, Promodag Reports offers a highly efficient way to track and filter messages within your email traffic. Get it now on our Downloads page! Please feel free to contact us if you have any comment or to submit a support request.

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