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What's New in Version 11.2

We are happy to announce that Promodag Reports v.11.2 has been released. The latest version contains performance updates and bug fixes that we believe you will find useful, the main update being the support of Modern Authentication with Office 365.

Support for modern authentication

Modern Authentication provides a more secure authentication mechanism for registered applications to connect to Azure Active Directory and Office 365. Promodag Reports now supports modern authentication. You can enable this feature by installing the Exchange Online PowerShell V2 module and starting Promodag Reports in 64-bit mode. For more information, see this blog post.

Other highlights

Report pages are now displayed as the report is generated. This new method combined with the possibility to use the 64-bit mode should largely solve the old problem of very large reports ending in memory overflow errors after a long wait.

Better usability

The initial Configuration Wizard and connection diagnostic messages have been simplified and improved to make it easier to get started. The list of prerequisites has been updated and clarified. These changes are reflected in the documentation provided with the product.

Improved reports

Useful improvements in existing reports include the addition of additional information in the Distribution Groups report, e.g. the date of the last message received. Moreover, the Recipient Mobile Devices report now only displays active devices.

Bug fixes

The most important problem concerned the import of tracking logs, which could be interrupted by a duplicate key error. We have also fixed a number of problems converting old report option files to the current version. Finally, the management of “modern” public folders has been reviewed in the reports dedicated to the analysis of their content. You can see the complete list of fixes and improvements in the changelog.

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