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Why Promodag beats hand down natives Microsoft Office 365 reports

You can produce reports on Office 365 using a variety of methods, but none of them can beat Promodag Reports. Our reporting tool is used worldwide by global companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies and NGOs. It allows you to easily create custom reports and access a wealth of information without the need to develop and maintain PowerShell scripts or perform time-consuming searches. Here are a few examples of the services offered by Promodag Reports:

List stale resources in Exchange and Office 365

Inactive mailboxes, unused distribution groups or contacts and other empty public folders are a burden for the administrator that should be reduced on a regular basis. Moreover, removing these unnecessary recipients is a measure of common sense economically speaking insofar as their presence consumes resources or licenses that could be better used. Promodag Reports contains several reports to inventory these outdated recipients. They can all be automated, which means you can decide to schedule them weekly or monthly to receive them by email. This is the all-in-one solution you need to get rid of Exchange objects that have become useless and cumbersome, especially if you are considering migrating to Office 365 in the short term.

Track particular messages in your email traffic

Promodag Reports allows you to easily find specific emails in your mailbox traffic regardless of their date. Simply import Exchange message tracking logs from that period into the program's database and run a report to filter emails by subject. You no longer need to scan hundreds of thousands of emails in your inboxes to find the messages you are looking for. The reporting tool will only take a short period of time to retrieve the messages, their subject line, recipients, and timestamp once the search is launched.

Measure employee adoption of Office 365

Promodag Reports provides a simpler way to measure the adoption of Office 365 across the organization. It allows you to identify key users of Office 365 and to measure the evolution of messaging traffic in the Cloud versus Exchange on-premises. The reporting tool gives you a clear picture of the situation and shows you, for example, which department and individual users are quickly adopting the new system.

Calculate the average email response time

Determining the average response time to customer messages is a crucial information for online-selling companies. You need to know how quickly you respond to emails and see if you need to improve your response time or keep up the pace. Promodag Reports lets you to break down the Outlook items stored in a mailbox based on the last action taken on them:

  • Reply
  • Reply to all
  • Forward
  • No action
  • Unread

This way, you can get an email response report to check whether Customer Care or Sales agents actually meet the corporate Service Level Agreement of n % timeliness. In other words, find out whether all received emails are being answered within the agreed time limit.

Why Promodag Reports?

The installation of the tool requires a simple workstation with at least 4 GB of RAM and enough disk space to store the database. It is also possible to connect to a remote SQL server. It takes little time to get started and you can call on a dedicated support team to help you take your first steps. You can then go ahead and collect valuable information about all aspects of your messaging system, e.g. track individual’s mailbox usage, check where messages are coming from and to which department they are mostly addressed, calculate the occupancy rate of Room Mailboxes or find out who has Send on Behalf permissions on Shared Mailboxes. OWA and ActiveSync user activity reports are also available for on-premise Exchange environments.

Promodag Reports gives you an easy way to manage all your on-premise Exchange and Office 365 reporting needs. The product's user-friendly interface allows you to generate on-demand reports when you need them, as well as create new custom reports that you can then automate to distribute via email or publish to a network share or SharePoint library. So why not try it out? Start a free 45-day trial now and see for yourself! You can also use our contact form to request a demo or open a support ticket.

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Our flagship reporting tool, Promodag Reports, is an innovative and constantly improving email reporting product that brings together all the key elements from Office 365, hybrid and on-premise Exchange messaging environments.

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