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Server Traffic Reports

Take a step back with Server Traffic reports, and produce qualitative and quantitative Exchange Server reporting of message traffic at server level. Not only do they include mailboxes, but also all possible types of directory recipients or system agents. 

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Server Traffic Growth

On-Premises Office 365

Use this report to get a clear idea of the underlying trend in global email traffic. Select specific recipient types, trafic direction and set the detail level to 'Total' to obtain an overview of message traffic at the highest level

Server Traffic Comparison by Correspondent

On-Premises Office 365

This report is designed to qualify your global email traffic by separating internal from external messages. Set the detail level to 'Correspondents' address type' and choose to display a table and a graph to get an overall picture of the proportion of internal vs Internet message traffic.

Traffic Between Servers

On-Premises Office 365

This report shows the traffic of messages of all kinds exchanged between Exchange servers within the organization. The messages are divided between recipient types, for example Mailbox or Distribution group.

Correspondents by Traffic Level

On-Premises Office 365

Where do all these messages come from? Use this report and get the top n sending (or destination) SMTP domains, and choose between a tabular and a graphical report, or even both.

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