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How long does it take to run a report ?

How long does it take to run a report with Promodag Reports?

The time it takes to run a report depends on different factors:

  • The type of report you are running:
  1. Reports on traffic read data stored in the database. To generate such reports can take between a couple of seconds and over half an hour depending on the reporting period you select (i.e. one year or one day), the number of mailboxes you select (i.e. 100 or 50,000).
  2. Reports on content dynamically collect data through an EWS connection. A report from the Templates > Mailbox Content category ran on several thousand mailboxes may typically take several hours to complete, for example.
  • Your software and hardware configuration: local database stored on an old computer, or recent server connected to a SQL database stored on an SQL server with 32 GB of RAM...).
For more information about our software and hardware requirements, please refer to our website.

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