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How to create your import batch

Most of the actions that can be carried out with Promodag Reports can be automated, especially data import. Here's how to create your import batch in 4 simple steps.

Launch the application

Promodag Reports must be run as an administrator to be able to create scheduled tasks.

Create a new batch file

  • Go to Tools > Task Automation or click on the Task Automation shortcut on the Toolbar.
  • Click Create.
  • In the Edit batch file window, give your new batch a name, e.g. Daily_Imports. Enter a description to remember what it is meant to do.

Populate your batch file

  • In the Available actions list, select the data that needs to be imported daily. Typically, this will be for most users:
    • Import Message Tracking Data, from the last import to today;
    • Import IIS Data (On-Prem Exchange Only);
    • Import Storage Size Data;
    • Compact Database.
    • You can also specify a particular database if you plan to regularly create a new DB.
  • Once you are satisfied with the content of your batch file, click Save and return to the list of batch files.

Automate your batch file

  • In the list of batch files, select your new batch file and click Schedule.
  • The Schedule task window opens. By default, the new scheduled task will take the name of the batch file. It is highly recommended to set the schedule to Daily.
  • Click OK. You’re all set!

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