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How to determine the name of your Exchange organization/Office 365 tenant?

We need the exact name of your Exchange organization to be able to generate a valid license file for you.

You can use the following methods to obtain it:

Using the interface of Promodag Reports:

Run the application in evaluation mode and check the information provided in the Help > License menu.

  1. For Office 365:
    Determine Office 365 Tenant Name from Promodag Reports
  2. For On-Premises Exchange:
    Determine Exchange Organization Name from Promodag Reports

For Office 365, using the Microsoft 365 Admin Center:

Go to Settings > Domains.

Determine Tenant Name from Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Using Windows PowerShell:

Run a PowerShell command:

  1. For Office 365: Get-OrganizationConfig | select identity
    Determine Office 365 Tenant Name from PowerShell
  2. For On-Premises Exchange: Get-OrganizationConfig | select LegacyExchangeDN

    Get Exchange organization name using PowerShell

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