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How to organize your report batches

You have been using Promodag Reports for some time and you are starting to have trouble identifying and finding the reports you have automated so far. Here are some best practice tips for managing them.

Create one batch per period

If you have several reports to run every day, creating a separate batch for each of them is pointless, even if the selected outputs (disk, mail recipient) are different. On the other hand, you may end up with an unreadable mess of batches and scheduled tasks that will be difficult to manage. We therefore advise you to create a single batch per periodicity: daily, weekly, monthly reports, etc.

Schedule it after the data imports

Traffic and storage reports are based on tracking logs and storage size imports. If your reports are for the previous day's date, then it is imperative that the daily import batch is completed before running the report batches for completeness.
You can optionally add your daily reports to your daily import batch: they will run last.

Do not schedule several batches at once

The launch of a batch through a scheduled task always leads to the launch of the Promodag Reports executable, either Repex.exe or Repex64.exe depending on the product version. It is recommended to avoid the multiplication of these occurrences, in order to avoid exhausting the resources of the computer.

Use the dedicated service account to launch scheduled tasks

The user account dedicated to Promodag Reports must be systematically used to launch scheduled tasks because it has all the necessary authorizations for the proper functioning of the application.

More generally, we advise you to keep things as simple as possible: naming convention for reports and batches, limited number of batches and scheduled tasks. This will make them easier to manage and troubleshoot.

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