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I plan on migrating to Office 365. What is the impact on Promodag Reports?


​I plan on migrating to Exchange Online (Office 365). What do I do with my current installation of Promodag Reports?


Promodag Reports supports both Hybrid and full Office 365 environments. The application is able to detect whether a mailbox has been migrated, create a new Office 365 recipient in the database, turn the old on-prem mailbox into a remote recipient, and move all messages linked to the old mailbox into the new one.

The reports remain unchanged, whether the mailboxes you select are hosted in Exchange Online or on-premises. Data is imported as per usual from on-premises servers and Office 365 simply comes in addition. Most of the time, creating a new database is not necessary.

However, a specific license is required. Please contact our Sales department at for a quotation. No additional cost is incurred in most cases, see our blog: Update of our licensing policy to accomodate Office 365 mailboxes.

You can also contact our Support team at to help you configure Promodag Reports for reporting on Office 365.

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