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Perform a multiple keyword search in mailboxes

You may need to search for Outlook items with specific strings in the subject or body of the message to respond to a request from the legal department, or to retrieve the list of messages containing personally identifiable information (PII). This article shows how to perform this type of search.

Create a complex query

Let's say you've received a request from your manager to retrieve a list of all Outlook items containing personal data in the mailboxes of people who are about to leave. He gives you a list of 20 keywords to search for: passport, ID card, social security number, resume, etc.
In this case you will use the General Mailbox Content report at the item detail level, and a complex filtering expression using the OR operator:

Create a complex query using multiple keywords

To avoid having to enter the other keywords in the interface, you can copy and paste the query as it appears in the Text tab and complete it by hand in a text editor:

Edit query text

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