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Traffic of users of non-MAPI email clients are missing in my reports


I have created a report on traffic but messages sent by

  • Users of external applications having rights to relay mail through the Exchange connector;
  • Users of non-MAPI email clients such as Outlook Express, Eudora, ThunderBird,
    do not appear in that report. How can I include these e-mails in the reports as well?


By default, Promodag Reports only imports events generated by MAPI clients, i.e. Microsoft Outlook.
To import events generated by non-MAPI email clients,

  • Go to File > Import Message Tracking Data and select your server in the right pane and click the Set Import Options button to open the server's Properties window.
  • Select the "Non Outlook client" check box and click OK.
  • Back to Import Message Tracking Data, change the date range and re-import message tracking files in order to add these missing events in the database.

Note: Non-Outlook (non-MAPI) clients are SMTP clients. OWA is not included in that category (OWA traffic being also MAPI traffic).

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