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Will I lose my settings if I uninstall Promodag Reports?


What happens if I uninstall Promodag Reports? Am I going to lose my custom report option files, my batch files and my favorites? What about my database?


  • The installation folder is located by default in C:\Program Files \Promodag\Reports14\. It is removed when the software is uninstalled.
  • Your settings are stored by default in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Promodag\Reports\14\ folder. They are recorded in a configuration file (Repex.pri) that is not removed when Promodag Reports is uninstalled or upgraded.
  • The \Selections\ sub-folder contains your custom filters, mailbox or server selections (file extension is: .PrSel),
  • The \Batches\ sub-folder contains the batch files you created to automate and schedule reports generation and other operations (file extension is: .prb), as well as your report options files (file extension is: .pro),
  • The \Styles\ sub-folder contains the custom styles you may have created (file extension is: .xprs),
  • The \MsgSample\ sub-folder contains the custom message samples you may have have created (file extension is: .txt),
  • The \TOC Templates\ sub-folder  contains the custom table of contents you may have created (file extension is: .htm).
  • Your local databases are located by default in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Promodag\Databases\ folder as well as exported and saved reports.
  • Office 365 message tracking files are created by default in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Promodag\Reports\Office365MessageTracking\ folder.
  1. Your SQL database will not be deleted from the SQL Server if you decide to uninstall Promodag Reports.
  2. These default paths folders may be modified by using the General tab of Tools > Options menu.

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